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8select Human Experience Platform


Your powerful solution for scalable, human-created product recommendations

Integrate human product expertise to the entire customer journey 

8select provides teams with a technical platform to manage their experts, product knowledge, product data and customer interactions and to deliver interactive content along the customer journey. We offer our solution as SaaS with API interface for easy integration at all touchpoints. Administration and configuration of your product recommendations becomes scalable, easy and efficient with 8.HX.

Optimize your customer satisfaction

Experts offer their support

Welcome customers in your online shop as helpful as in a local store by making advisors visible, offering support in product selection and providing orientation.

High performance e.g. at the following touchpoints:

  • Category page
  • Product page
  • Search result
8select Expert List

Collect customer interactions

Experts advise and inform

In dialogue with your customers, experts learn their needs, giving you valuable insights into your customers' shopping behaviour. Your customers receive product recommendations that match their needs. Further information on the article explains the selection of the expert.

High performance e.g. at the following touchpoints:

  • Category page
  • Home page
  • Product page

Increase the shopping cart value

Experts present product sets

Advisors offer visitors a set of complementary articles from different categories, suggest alternative products and thus increase your cross-selling success.

High performance e.g. at the following touchpoints:

  • Product page
  • Shopping cart
  • Topic page
  • Home page
8select Product Sets
8select similar articles

Increase your conversion rate

Experts recommend similar products

Experts define why products are similar and decide what is best for the same purpose. They inspire your customers and help them find the right product to make at least one purchase.

High performance e.g. at the following touchpoints:

  • Product page
  • Shopping cart

Boost your customer retention

Experts accompany in e-mails

Accompany your customers not only personally in your shop but also in your e-mail communication. By integrating experts into your e-mails, you can build a sustainable relationship with your customers.

High performance e.g. at the following touchpoints:

  • Newsletter
  • CRM e-mails
  • Reactivation e-mails
  • Transactional e-mails
8select email integration
8select Social Media

Turn your customers into followers

Experts recommend products on social media

Build a bridge from your online shop to social media. Shop visitors can meet and follow your experts (e.g. influencers, shop assistants) and discover recommended products from your shop. Track the success of your experts and keep an eye on their performance via the integrated dashboard.

High performance e.g. at the following touchpoints:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Seamless integration into your online shop

Via plugins and API interfaces, our SaaS solution can be integrated into all shop systems within a very short time. Without touching the core structure of your online shop or binding IT resources.

8select Partners

8.HX offers you a wide range of backend functions

Generate sales-boosting product sets

Apply business rules

Capture real-time performance

Manage experts by topic

 Create customer profiles

8select customer profile management

The Business Rules Manager defines over 100 rules for the control of recommendations according to your individual shop strategy. This enables you to realize e.g. short-term marketing campaigns in a scalable way.

In the Performance Dashboard you can track the success of your experts and product recommendations, get reports and keep an eye on the additional sales and shopping cart uplift that you generate with 8.HX.

Manage your experts (e.g. influencer, product expert, salesperson) for specific categories and touchpoints. Track their success with an Expert Performance Dashboard and present individual expert profiles.

Get to know the platform's backend

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