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You happened to stumble across the 8SELECT career site? Have we actively contact you via social network or have you heard of us before, but can't quite classify 8SELECT yet? - Then we bring some light into the dark.

At 8SELECT you will find a well-rehearsed team of talented and WhoWeAre_2open-minded colleagues. It is important to us that the working atmosphere remains positive even during phases of intensive work, so that the free exchange of new ideas is encouraged.  That's why we put regular team events and regular team meetings at the top of our agenda.
Although we are a young start-up, we have a structure with clearly defined goals. With the help of OKRs (Objects and Key Results) and sprint targets, we are working our way forward along the roadmap.

WhatWeDo_2We at 8SELECT love shopping online! It's uncomplicated, there are no opening hours and we can find the best price with a few clicks. Nevertheless, we are sometimes overwhelmed with the almost limitless selection. It's a good thing that some online shops have already recognized this problem and are focusing on reasonable product recommendations so that the search for the right product does not become an odyssey. This is exactly where 8SELECT comes into play, because we have made it our top priority to implement expert based product recommendations in online shops, thus closing the gap between shopping on the web and stationary retail. With our SaaS solution, we bring the consulting experience from the stationary trade to the online shop. With this approach, we are pioneers in the market and have already won numerous customers for our idea.

WhyWeDoIt_2This is easy to answer: we firmly believe that customers also want to be advised by people with solid expertise when shopping online.
Therefore we have found a way to integrate the 'human experience' into the online shop by giving the operator the possibility to present his knowledge about his product range online in a scalable way. This not only increases the shopping basket, but also saves the end customer time and reduces the return rate.
Even if our product can already do a lot, we still have a long way to go before we reach the end of our journey. So take the chance to go on this adventure with us!

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What is really important to you concerning your job? We have found that team spirit and the working atmosphere are two of the most important factors that motivate you to go to work. That's why 8SELECT focuses on strengthening team cohesion and creating a positive working atmosphere. In addition to team events, this also includes your professional development, working with modern technologies and equipment as well as our buddy program, which makes it easier for you to get started.  
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8SELECT is a young up-and-coming company, which you will quickly notice, because we try out, push and implement.  And that means ideas that don't come from above, we are talking about your ideas. Whether working student or senior positions, all are encouraged to present new approaches and in the best case to implement them directly. Of course, this also means that you will quickly assume responsibility at 8SELECT. No worries before you get started, we have worked out a suitable induction plan for you.

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Work is half your life? Well, not quite. So that you can balance your work and private life, we at 8SELECT have decided on a mix of trust-based working hours, core working hours between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and the option of a home office. In addition, our employees also have the option of part-time work. Do you have any questions about part-time work? Then use our chat function on the webiste.


After long tinkering and coding, our Curated Shopping Engine celebrated its premiere in the online shop of Van Graaf in 2016. That was just the starting shot, because since then we have continuously developed the product, made it more performant and integrated new features - all of this to the latest technological standard. Take a look at our Tech Stack on StackShare.

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