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Success Story: Set recommendations for the online shop

Moser Trachten

As Bavaria's leading traditional costume outfitter, MOSER Trachten is the place to go for high-quality traditional costume fashion. Since 2004, the most beautiful trends for all occasions and for the whole family are presented in the online shop With 8.SET MOSER Trachten offers excellent advice and creates a unique shopping experience in their online shop. Expert based recommendations provide additional value for both the retailer and his customers, which goes beyond mere product recommendations.

Moser Trachten Team
Sabine Baier (left), director of the customer service and Anna Knaut (right), responsible for product and data management, create with the 8select solution 8.SET sales-strong product sets from the MOSER Trachten assortment.


The idea of the MOSER Trachten team to provide recommendations in form of sets in the shop is based on the long-term experience of the MOSER Trachten customer service, which shop visitors often and gladly make use of while shopping online at Whether by phone, e-mail or chat - online shoppers ask for suitable combinations of their favourite items every day. "The most frequent question is: 'Which blouse fits my dirndl?'", says Sabine Baier, director of customer service at MOSER Trachten. That's why the company decided to present tradtional costume fashion as a set in their shop.


  • Provide comprehensive advice to customers not only in stationary trade, but also in the online shop
  • Make the expertise of the team visible in the shop in a scalable way
  • Offer sets in terms of complementary products
  • Integrate traditional costume sets into the Shopware themes


The feature 8.SET is placed on the product detail page of Furthermore, MOSER Trachten uses the shopware "shopping worlds" and the 8select module "teaser list view" to create a theme world called "Trachten Outfits“. This allows several product sets to be shown at the same time. Since then, MOSER Trachten has been using this function to present its range of products by theme and to focus the advisory approach on specific target groups (e.g. oufit ideas for children).

Top Outfits Trachten Moser


MOSER Trachten creates product sets for on their own. "We create the sets ourselves because we are experts in the field and know exactly which blouse goes best with which dirndl. We have acquired our expertise through years of experience in customer service and we want to show it in the online shop", explains Sabine Baier.

Without an adequate tool the manual effort for MOSER Trachten would be very high. But with 8.SET, Sabine Baier and Anna Knaut already cover a large part of the assortment by creating just a few sets. The reason for this is the long-term durability of the  product sets due to the dynamic structure with successor products. If a certain item is no longer available, the next relevant item in the set is displayed. The quality of the recommendation is therefore not affected. 


When creating a set of traditional costume fashion, special attention must be given to criteria such as material and the cutout shape. "For example, a blouse with lace trim fits the current retro dirndl very well. Often nuances are decisive, whereby it depends on whether a part of the blouse shines more or not," explains Sabine Baier.

"Due to the fact that we test the items ourselves and know which material and colours harmonize best, our customers trust our expert based recommendations," says Anna Knaut, responsible for MOSER Trachten product and data management.


In order to ensure 80% assortment coverage, MOSER Trachten produces an average of 5 sets per week and requires an average of 6 minutes per set including the successor products. This means that great set recommendations can be realised in the shop with just 30 minutes effort per week.

weekly time expenditure
Product range coverage

"8select helps our customers to find the right traditional costume outfit. It rarely happens that no set is presented with an item, and if it does, our shop visitors are missing the expert based recommendation. The 8select sets are an essential part of our customer service and our online shop would be hard to imagine without them."

Sabine Baier
Director Customer Service, MOSER Trachten

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