Demo vereinbaren
Demo vereinbaren

8SELECT Installation manual

This manual describes the installation of the 8SELECT plugin for Shopware

System requirements

  • Shopware version 5.2.17 or higher.
  • Your shop has to be reachable from the internet

Before Getting Started

  • Request an individual offer on the 8SELECT website. After completion of the contract you receive an email with two registration keys for the 8SELECT plugin for Shopware and an activation link for your 8SELECT Management Console (MCON) user credentials.
  • Activate your 8SELECT Management Console user account by clicking on the link in the email. You will receive your login credentials. These give you access to the Management Console, where you can make further customizations later.
  • In the Management Console (MCON) all further settings of the 8SELECT Plugin are done after the plugin installation in Shopware is completed.

Installing the 8SELECT plugin

  1. Download the 8SELECT plugin from the Shopware Store and activate it
    You can download the plugin here. Please activate it in your Shopware Backend Plugin Manager before continuing.

  2. Insert your registration keys and activate the configuration

    You can find the unlock codes in the MCON under Settings -> Plugin

    Go to the configuration tab in the Shopware Plugin Manager and insert the keys in the corresponding fields. Set “Aktiviert” to “Ja”. Save your settings.

    Plugin Configuration
    Plugin Configuration
  3. Configure the 8SELECT Plugin

    Before 8SELECT will display sets, you have to make settings in the MCON, depending on the service package selected.

    You can also change the appearance of the widgets here.

    You can find the configuration in the MCON under Settings.

  4. You have now successfully installed the 8SELECT plugin

    You can check if your installation was successful through the default preview mode of the 8SELECT plugin.
    • Go to a page in your online shop where the widget should be shown.
    • Add ?preview=1&8s_demo=1 to the end of the URL. For example:
      • preview=1 will show the widget while the plugin is in preview mode
      • 8s_demo=1 will show our demo set while your products are processed and not available yet
    • The widget should now be visible in its default design and a demo set.
    • To customize the design, please read our guide on customizing the 8SELECT Widget or check our Knowledge Base.
    • To set the widget “live” in your shop you need to deactivate the preview mode.
  5. Deactivate the preview mode

    • In your Shopware Backend go to Configuration > Plugin Manager and select the 8SELECT plugin under “installed”.
    • Scroll down to the tab “Konfiguration” and set “Vorschaumodus an” to “Nein”.