How do personal recommendations succeed?

Visualizing human expertise

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Imagine if you were faced with the choice of receiving recommendations from a machine based purely on the calculation of algorithms, or from a specialist retailer. Who would you trust more as a customer? We firmly believe that interacting with a person is fundamentally more confidence-building, and that more sustainable performance can be achieved during online shopping. For this reason, the starting point for the creation of our product set recommendations is the consultant with his or her expertise. We make the people behind the recommendations for your customers visible in a variety of ways

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How does your recommendation reach your shop in a scalable way?

Scalable, human consulting...

...based on three components:






1. Product Feed



Date enrichment

We get even more out of your product data by finding new attributes, correcting mistakes and filling in gaps.

AI data preparation

Intelligent automation with machine learning algorithms: text mining, deep learning and predictive analytics.

Update feed

High frequency of inventory & price comparison ensures that only available items are displayed in sets and that the prices are up to date.

24-hour full export

Every 24 hours an automatic full export of the product takes place, which ensures that new articles are regularly processed.


2. Set Templates




The set content is based on the idea of a real person and is defined abstractly, so sets always work - even if an involved article is sold out.

Dynamic sets

By using attributes during set creation, you can cover a freely selectable product assortment with just one set, without having to build new sets.

No maintenance

Invest an hour of time and involve your most important articles permanently into product sets. Always up-to-date. No follow-up maintenance necessary.

Add-on fashion & sports

For these sectors our experienced 8select fashion experts create individual sets for your shop, which are constantly updated.


3. Rules



Successor products

Automated playout of successor products with the next highest priority. Your sets do not have to be maintained permanently and frustrated customers due to sold-out products are history.

Brand & product line

With the integrated Business Rules Manager you can define sets of rules, control marketing actions, and automatically prioritize sets by brand or product line.

Seasonal products

You can also prioritise your articles according to season (e.g. summer sets for the perfect barbecue evening) and show your customers your expertise in seasonal trends.

Discount campaigns

You would like to sell discounted articles as a set? With the Business Rules Manager you can make your individual shop strategy effective and optimize your sales sustainably.

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