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"What convinces in stationary trade also inspires online."

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"Customers buy where they feel well-advised."

Stationary trade

Stationary trading has a decisive advantage over  online trading: the advising salesman and his expertise. By interacting with customers, a shop assistant can very quickly identifiy the individual needs of each customer. He or she is there to advise the customer and is in a position to suggest further products matching the desired item in a personal conversation.



In e-commerce the lack of the opportunity for personal advice forms a major barrier, which makes it difficult to activate the customer to make a purchase. In contrast to a retail shop, it is initially not possible to use the opportunity for encounters and verbal communication to maximise the shopping basket through advice and customer-centred cross- and up-selling.  



The challenge in e-commerce is to offer advice that is just as real as in a local store and to conduct intelligent cross-selling that creates awareness among customers of an existing need. A strong value proposition is needed to be able to clearly distinguish oneself from many competitors and to be able to hold one's own against omnipresent market leaders for many years to come.


Product recommendations


In order to be able to advise customers online, e-commerce retailers therefore rely on measures such as automated product recommendation systems or recommendation engines based on machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics, i.e. large amounts of data and self-learning algorithms. The individual recommendations of the consulting salesperson are thus to be replaced by automated systems and the calculation of algorthms. In most cases, the resulting recommendations are based on the customer's cart history.


A decisive disadvantage of common recommendation engines (like "customers also bought") is the missing handwriting of the retailer, i.e. the personal human component is simply not present. There is the risk of no longer being able to clearly differentiate oneself from competitors. After all, in order not to be arbitrarily interchangeable as a shop, the customer must always be able to see what a brand or a retailer stands for. Because personality ensures that customers feel comfortable in your shop in the long term.


In order to ensure that the identity of the own shop is still guaranteed, shop recommendations (e.g. outfits according to the "Shop the Look" principle) are often controlled manually. The decisive disadvantage: A very high expenditure of time and maintenance, which results in a low assortment coverage. There is also the danger of frustrating customers with sold out articles or sizes due to "incomplete looks", unless stock analyses are performed continuously or alternative products are offered.


"Customers want to be advised by people."

 "We believe that Online Shopping has to be a human experience"

E-commerce can learn directly from the way a good retail salesperson deals with his or her customers and maximizes the shopping cart. We are firmly convinced: Online retailer have to integrate the "human experience" into their shops in order not to be interchangeable. We think that much more potential can be exploited in online shops. Have you ever asked yourself why e-commerce consumers should shop particularly in your shop? What makes your shop unique - what is your unique selling point? Products are often interchangeable. The long-term right to exist of a retailer is not the offered product, the price or the availability, but the personal relationship and loyalty to his customers. That's why we are convinced that people who shop online are most enthusiastic about stories and experiences - and that's exactly what we want to realize for you.


We enable you to reach customers with your personal expertise.

 We present your knowledge about your product range in a scalable way

The 8select Curated Shopping Engine (CSE) allows you to present your individual USP to your e-commerce consumers and to make your individual expertise visible in the context of product recommendations. Our mission is to enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and bring out your own handwriting through our unique, content-based cross-selling engine. In doing so, we bring people and scalability together and realize unique shopping experiences. The curator's multifaceted staging creates added value for you as the shop operator that goes beyond mere product recommendations. 

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