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Product set recommendations

The 8select Curated Shopping Engine (CSE) makes your individual expertise visible and tangible for your customers in your online shop. Dynamic and complementary product sets (e.g. outfits) are generated from your assortment and played out at the touchpoints you desire.

Optionally, the 8select style experts create sales-boosting product sets for shops with the verticals fashion, sportswear & outdoor so that you do not need any further resources and receive a fully automated cross-selling solution. However, if you want to show off your own handwriting in a scalable way, we enable you to create dynamic sets from your articles yourself using the integrated Product Set Manager. Show off your personal know-how with little effort and offer unique consulting experiences that your customers otherwise only know from stationary retail.


This is what personalization with 8select looks like

Present personal recommendations at the most important points of the Customer Journey.

Product detail page

The product detail page of your shop is perfectly suited for playing out attractive product suggestions in order to present the desired article as a complete set to your customers.

Add To Cart-Layer

As soon as your customer has placed a desired item in the shopping cart, a confirmation will be sent. In this dialog element, additional products are displayed below the reference article.

Any page

Include selected product sets as free elements on any page of your choise.

Such integration can take place on your blog or your home page, where you regularly present the latest trends.

Themed Pages

Help your customers and structure product sets thematically. Optionally, you can offer your own area of your online shop with individual theme sets. Under a specific collective term (e.g. "costume" in the fashion section), several product sets are displayed in a list with thumbnails.


User Experience in the backend

The Management Console for controlling your product set recommendations

The Product Set Manager is part of the Management Console. Here you get an overview of all product sets and you can easily create and edit sets.

Configure the 8select modules to match the individual corporate design of your online shop (e.g. determination of button colour).

Thanks to the integrated dashboard, you have a real-time overview of the performance of your product sets. This includes KPIs such as the increase in sales achieved with 8select, additional items sold and the increase in average order value. We also determine which product sets, brands and categories perform best in your shop.


How to integrate 8select.CSE into your shop

Option 1: Manually

Manual integration using JavaScript snippets

If we do not support your online shop software with a plugin yet, you can easily integrate all client-side functions using our JavaScript SDK.
The 8select.CSE is integrated with the JavaScript SDK and does not have to be downloaded. 8select.CSE is simply placed in the HTML of your website via a JavaScript code section.
The SDK is loaded asynchronously without blocking loading processes from other elements on the website. Subsequently, 8select fills widgets with content by sending us the product data of your online shop. 

Option 2: Plug&Play

Plugin for standard shop systems

8select.CSE can easily be connected via plugin, which allows you to extend the functionality of your online shop easily and efficiently in just a few steps. 

System requirements:

Kleckse_mit_Icons_Cucuma  Shopware version 5.2.17 or higher

Kleckse_mit_Icons_CucumaOxid EE 5.0.x
EE 5.1.x
EE 5.2.x
EE 5.3.x
CE/PE 4.10.x/5.x

JTL Shop 4 405 or higher

Learn more about installation details:

Shopware manual
OXID manual
JTL manual
Salesforce manual (available soon)

Seamless integration with all major shop systems

8select.CSE Performance

The results?



35% larger shopping baskets

Up to 8% increase in sales

Scalable recommendations

Unique shopping experiences

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